Anna Mae Blessing, 92 year old woman, shoots her 72-year-old son to death

Anna Mae Blessing, a 92-year-old woman living in Arizona, has shot and killed her 72-year-old son in Arizona.


Her son, Thomas Blessing, wanted to put her in an assisted living facility and she didn’t want that.

Anna Mae Blessing shoots son lailasnews

In what the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office described as a “bizarre turn of events,” Anna Mae Blessing is facing one charge each of first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping after authorities found her 72-year-old son dead Monday at their home in Fountain Hills.


Blessing hid two pistols in the pockets of her robe and shot her son several times in his bedroom.

Court documents said her 76 year old son’s girlfriend was also in the room and said she heard Blessing telling her son she was tired of the way he treated her.

Blessing had been living with her son, Thomas Blessing, and his girlfriend in the girlfriend’s condo. They moved her in about six months ago from out of state.

After Blessing shot her son twice, she turned the gun on his 57-year-old girlfriend.

While struggling with that woman, whose name has not been released, Blessing lost her grip on the gun. But she still had the second one.

When Blessing pulled out the second pistol from her robe, her son’s girlfriend also knocked it out of her hand and called 911.

Deputies were called out to Fountain Hills about 10 a.m. Monday.

When deputies arrived, they ordered Blessing to come outside but were met with silence. They found her sitting in her reclining chair, her son shot to death, deceased in a bedroom.

Turned out that after Blessing was disarmed, she sat on a reclining chair until deputies arrived and arrested her.

Court documents read:

“As the suspect was being escorted from the residence, she made a spontaneous statement to the effect of ‘You took my life, so I’m taking yours.”

Police said it was later determined during an interview with the suspect that she believed her life was being taken as a result of her son and his girlfriend attempting to place her into an assisted living facility.

Investigators learned that she had owned the two guns — a revolver and a .25 caliber pistol — since the 1970s. The first, she said, she bought at a gun store; the second was given to her by her husband before he died. She also told deputies the last time she fired either of the weapons was in the ’70s.

The suspect stated she stored the two handguns on the floor under a shelf in her bedroom.

According to court documents, there was a history of domestic violence between Blessing and Thomas, including at least one incident in which police responded.

Maricopa County Sgt. Bryant Vanejas told CNN affiliate KPHO:

“From my understanding, she had thought about it for a few days because there was a dispute regarding her son wanting to put her in an assisted living home.”

“According to statements provided by suspect Blessing and received by the detectives, she had been contemplating for several days her son’s intentions to place her in an assisted living facility.

“Blessing retrieved two pistols and concealed them in the pockets of her robe, then confronted her son in his bedroom.”

According to the probable cause for arrest statement, Blessing “intended to kill herself, however she didn’t possess any additional firearms.”

When Blessing was asked what she thinks should happen to her, she replied she should be “put to sleep” as a result of her actions.

MCSO Sgt. Bryant Vanegas told Arizona’s Family:

“This is definitely an odd one. “There’s a lot of circumstances surrounding it, of course, but it’s definitely something you don’t see every day and it’s very unfortunate that this took place.”

Sheriff Paul Penzone said in a statement:

“It is always concerning when domestic issues escalate to violence or tragic outcomes,” “They are often isolated and neither predictable nor preventable.”


Blessing is still in jail, held on a $500,000 cash bond.

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