Alleged malfeasance in N-Power (Lagos State)

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Alleged malfeasance in N-Power (Lagos State) lailasnews

Hello Laila,

I am a beneficiary of N-Power volunteer scheme, Lagos state. Everything I will state here are verifiable.

N-Power Lagos State kickstarted at February 2017 after two protests to the state assembly and TVC station.

We were not paid our two months stipends (December and January) because of the delay. This could have been enough if not a development that is taking place now.

After our step down training in September 2017(N Agro), we discovered that some volunteers’ accounts have been placed on hold.

In October 2017, we got attestation letters from our PPAs according to the directive from N Power team Abuja. However, submitting this became a real problem as the office of the focal person refused to take this letters.

Then our PPAs compiled our names and sent them to the office of the focal person Lagos State but nothing was done about this as and because of this happening, I then borrowed money to travel for Christmas [I have a masters degree in Engineering(), this is only what am doing for now].

On January 2018, there was a reshuffling in the ministry of wealth creation that handle N Power program in Lagos State, and a new commissioner was appointed. The focal person of N Power Lagos, then directed that our attestation letters and attendance log be collated. This was concluded on the 9th of February 2018 and forwarded to Abuja to the N Power team Abuja.

As I write this, the on hold placed on our accounts has not been lifted but we could still have hoped that this would be resolved if not that the Lagos state representative and N Power Facebook, Lagos said that we are already evicted from the program, according to him, he said that he knew all along that we have been evicted from the program but he was just playing along with us.

But according to N Power Lagos Facebook, it said a 45 days window was given by N Power team Abuja for the issue to be resolved but the focal person of N Power Lagos State was not aware of this deadline and therefore did not complied with this instruction.

As a result of this, we are now evicted from the program. I believe this a terrible wrong which should not be allowed.

I have a masters degree in Engineering and could easily move on but there are people that really depend on this for their up keep. Let it not be that somebody whose travel allowance only is more than 10 volunteers stipend combined is trying to do this and this came before you and you chose not to do anything.

I implore you to do something about this and posterity will judge you with kindness.

Thank you very much for taking your time to go through this. Emails I sent to N-Power team Abuja, since 24th of February 2018, requesting to know the status of volunteers with payment on hold issue has not been replied to date.

Thank you

Richard dropped a number he can be reached on. Send me a mail to contact him.


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