Adele Weight Loss – Read how Nigerians blasted one another on Twitter

British singer Adele is the talk on most social media platforms after the singer showed off her incredible weight loss in a new photo.

The world famous singer who used to be obese shocked many of her fans after she appeared trim in the new photo, making her trend across the world.

Adele Incredible Weight Loss – Read how Nigerians blast one another on Twitter

Reacting to her new body shape, some Nigerians have taken to Twitter to voice out their opinions on Adele weight loss.

While many people are heaping praises on the singer over her feat, and encouraging other obese people to follow in her footsteps, many other social media users are of the belief the singer has the resources to achieve that and if anyone is presented with same opportunities, they would achieve even better results.

See some reactions as gathered on Twitter:

*** All of you saying she did. It is because you are poor. if you have money, you will do better

*** Nigerians can over hype something sha…Adele lose weight now has turned to national achievement. See them carrying it on their head like Face mask wey don see dust

*** I really hope this helps obese people to realise that being fat, is not the new norm.
Our nation is verging on a pandemic of overeating, causing life threatening health problems.
Adele looks absolutely stunning now, and is a great role model, for our young girls

*** She has indeed defined self-discipline. Why it was easy for her,if you ask me, is not the list of excuses -chef,trainer blah blah; its the same self-discipline she has had in building her music career she has brought to bear in achieving this. Period. Excusitis is crippling.

*** Why do people think you’ve can’t lose weight unless you’re rich? What kind of non sense is that. Sounds like a lot of excuses, which people do a lot of the time. It takes discipline, which a lot people fall short on.

*** Haha yeah with no fulltime job. Millions in the bank and a personnal trainer on call 24/7 and a chef cooking you fresh food all day. Yeah man we can all do it as quick as her

*** Adele’s transformation is a kind reminder that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Happy Birthday Adele.

*** Adele is a multimillionaire with access to the best dieticians, health experts, chefs and trainers. She can also afford assistance with her child and doesn’t have to clock in at work anywhere for 8 hours. Also her weight loss is the least of her accomplishments in life.

*** Ur daily reminder that Adele has always been a motherfucking queen regardless of her weight. No one wants to see badly written articles about her “glow up”. It’s 2020. Stop commenting on women’s bodies.

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