Aaliyah Jay Nigerian food drama: Makeup artiste slammed over reaction to eating Nigerian food

Makeup artiste Aaliyah Jay and her boyfriend are being slammed on the internet over the way she reacted while eating Nigerian food on camera.

The makeup artiste cum YouTuber Aaliyah Jay and her Kenyan boyfriend, Menelik had jumped on the ‘mukbang’ TikTok trend of trying ‘exotic’ food from African countries.

Aaliyah Jay Nigerian food drama: Makeup artiste slammed over reaction to eating Nigerian food

The duo posted a video with the title “Fufu, Egusi & Okra Mukbang | Our first time eating Nigerian food! *Got Spicy*.”

In the video, Aaliyah Jay could be seen rather disgusted after she tasted the food, and this got her a whole lot of criticisms from Africans.

The video starts off with a shot of Menelik stuffing his mouth with fufu, which is made from boiled and pounded starchy yams, plantains or cassava. Smalls balls made from the dough are usually dipped in sauces or flavorful soups before being eaten.

However, Menelik puts a huge amount of fufu in his mouth before spitting the food out of his mouth, off-camera, because he can’t swallow it as Aaliyah Jay, who is African-American, looks on in shock.

Later, in the video, both Aaliyah Jay and Menelik treat the food seemingly disrespectfully, from making vomiting gestures to looking disgusted with how the egusi smells saying it would ‘stink up the crib’. They also keep referring to the food as “African food” despite the video’s title.

While Menelik keeps saying he doesn’t like the food, he keeps wolfing down the food, especially the fufu, okra and jollof rice, while licking his fingers.

His negative reaction only comes after he sees Aaliyah Jay making a disgusted face after eating the food. At one point in the video, they refer to it as “dog food” and Menelik calls himself ‘disgrace to Africa’.

Their reactions to the meal met with a backlash and they are being blasted across social media, especially for the fact that they referred to the meal eaten by millions of Africans as ‘dog food’

The makeup artiste however apologized in a post she updated on Twitter.

Who is Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah Jay is a 26-year-old YouTube star. She was born on June 23th, 1994 in Massachusetts, US.

She has been active on YouTube since 2011, where she currently has almost 1.5 million subscribers.

Her presence is remarkable on all social media platforms; 2 million followers on Instagram, 214.5k followers on TikTok and 251.4k followers on Twitter.

Aaliyah Jay now lives in New York and has been collaborating with big fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing. Her net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

The influencer has been in a relationship with Menelik, known online as “Wizard Kelly”.

The pair launched their YouTube channel called “AaliyahJay & WizardKelly” a year ago, where they share content with their 178k subscribers.

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