11-year-old girl with special needs dies after she was left in boiling hot car

An 11-year-old schoolgirl with special needs died yesterday Tuesday in Suffolk County, New York in United States when her mother accidentally left her inside a boiling hot car.

According to cops and neighbours, the girl, her mum, alongside two other siblings had just returned from a shopping trip when the tragedy occurred.

11-year-old girl with special needs dies lailasnews

The girl was with her mother and two siblings when the mother pulled into the driveway of their Suffolk County home and went inside — leaving her inside their Ford Expedition.

According to a statement by Suffolk County police:

“After returning home, the girl’s mother went inside believing all of the children were out of the car.

“Sometime later, the mother could not locate the 11-year-old girl and checked inside of the car where she found the girl. The mother carried the 11-year-old girl inside the house and called 911.”

Officials said loved ones and first responders performed CPR on the young girl at around 3:45 p.m. She was taken to Stony Brook Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

11-year-old girl with special needs dies lailasnews 2

“It’s a tragedy,” Lt. Kevin Beyrer said. “It’s similar to a drowning. It’s something that doesn’t happen every day. It’s an unspeakable tragedy.

One neighbor said the little girl had special needs and couldn’t talk.

New York is experiencing a heatwave, and temperatures and humidity on Tuesday soaring to 38C.

New York Post reports that another neighbor, Dona Heester, said she can’t fathom how the little girl could have been left alone by parents who are the “nicest people you would ever want to know.”

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